Rune Magic

Runes are our first alphabet; each rune has a symbolism, a story of something that has happened, is happening, or will happen. I teach through the way I was taught, through the creation of energies, which means that you do not learn through the futhark or uthark, but through knowledge of the meaning of the creation of the runes from the beginning with Issaz to the empty or full rune.

You also learn the place of the runes in the rune wheel and understand their meaning individually but also together, in a connection to elements and the colors the elements have.

There is ancient magic with the energy of runes. A rune is a letter in a book = Letters. Each letter shows energy, which can be an individual, an animal, an event, life and death, properties, fears, and happiness.

25 runes that contain knowledge about different phases of life. You can see your life, past, and future in these runes if you understand the energy of each letter. By understanding and working with the runes, you can deepen your knowledge regardless of whether you have not interpreted runes before or are already interpreting them.

You learn the rune's meaning, how to create magic with each rune, and what the rune shows in your life in that you can find guidance (divination). Each rune is also interpreted into different elements - fire (activity), water (emotions), earth (security), air (personality), and the void (spirituality).

You also learn Runoka, a form of yoga through the energy of the runes.

You will find each rune in the text on the course profile, theory, practice, and a film for each rune; you can watch each film repeatedly inside the course profile.
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