Tarot history

The origin of the Tarot is still unclear, and no one knows for sure from where Tarot cards originated. I don’t think it matters. It works.

Whatever its era, religion, culture, or political stance, every card has a clear symbolic value that fits into our lives at every opportunity, and you will always find a card that suits you best.

There is a card for every event, and there is an event for every card. You can also delve deeper into the Tarot and find a card from each suit representing and expressing the element and soul of Major Arcana. It is not sure that we have to experience the events and lessons in every single tarot card in this lifetime. Each of us was born with different primary energies based on what we had learned in past lives, and from there, we continue our current lives.

To this end, the Tarot cards are a tremendous help when we search for our soul's intention and yearly lessons, as well as the reasons for our personality in this lifetime. These things did not happen by coincidence. They are predetermined.

Tarot cards have been used since ancient times to predict the future. They can also look back in time or look at present situations and focus on personal development or meditate. I hope you will see your opportunities in the Tarot, see your own life, and choose to take control of your life without being caught up in petty details.

Tarot cards are available in many different versions; I've heard thousands of different Tarot decks. However, most of them are similar. The foundation is the same regardless of the artist who designed it. That is what separates them - the artist. My books are written to suit any tarot deck you care to buy or work on. The most popular tarot decks are:

Rider-Waite It is a perfect, clear, and symbolic tarot deck and one of the most popular. It is available in varied sizes and different color schemes. One of the decks I use most often because it has a suitable structure and a precise symbolism of events and situations in all 78 cards.

Hanson Roberts A colorful and romantic deck with a precise symbolism of all 78 cards. Reminiscent of the Rider-Waite, but softer in its symbolism.

Thoth Created by Aleister Crowley and Frida Harris. A deck with some very potent symbolism, used by many people for meditations. It shows no specific events or situations in the Minor Arcana cards (1 – 10), only emblems depicting the card number and the suite, but each card has a name that gives a clue to their aspect (meaning).
Connolly An intensely colorful deck created by Eileen Connoly, one of America's premier Tarot Interpreters. It is reminiscent of Rider-Waite but has an "old-fashioned crinoline” composition. It shows symbolic events/ situations on all cards.

Tarot decks

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