During this period, you are more thoughtful, may not be as outgoing as others expect, develop a sense of increased awareness within yourself, and are more focused and insightful. You are looking for answers to big questions, can question your way of life, change some habits, and see life from different points of view than you usually do. More severe and seeking but with a developed sense of humor that might sometimes be a little too much.

You will probably become more aware of what you are looking for, who you are, and what gives you joy and development, but perhaps more focused on inner development than the outer.

You seem to have the situation under control; take the day as it comes, grasp what is done, and focus on what is essential. You seem to do what suits you, get a lot done, and be very happy with yourself and your situation.

You thrive with other people, but you pull yourself away if you feel that there is a requirement. You are serious, present, seeking more stillness, more presence even by others. But at a certain distance, for you to be a little cautious, think it was too much, and rest instead of feeling requirements, requirements that can get you to those in your eyes seeing the weirdest reasons.

A lot that happens is for you to re-evaluate, dare to let go of control, and look at what matters to you, what gives you experiences that can shake you a little. You should let go of preconceived opinions, dare to invest in what you long for after, and develop more longing instead of planning.

You should make sure you get your moments even if everything is spinning around you; you probably have a lot to add; when it comes to the fun, you can think about your values and whatever you want inside. You will learn to find the answer in your moments, but you will not escape social responsibility that still gives you occasional pleasure.

In love, you give everything, but it can also be quite demanding; you can build stronger jealousy than before, want to own, want everything, can make a bit unreasonable demand, all or nothing, no middle ground. You can be dominant, searching for the ultimate, a charged love that should give you a sense of meaning. It can be a karmic relationship or build a powerful love on your terms.

21st of November to 20th of December

Philosophical, fair-minded, love animals and theater
Element- Fire
Metall- Tin
Pos/neg- Positive
Sex- Masculine
Quality- Changeable
Body part - Hips, liver.
Ruler Planet- Jupiter
Color- Purple
Crystal- Topaz
Plant- Carnation, chestnut, oak, thistle
Tarot card - XI Justice
Working life- Law, acting, dramatist, writer, politician, Within New Age area_ fortunetelling, shaman.
True and fair. Optimistic, happy, right forward, intellectual.

Evaluate, reconsider and release. Sagittarius is the philosopher, actor who makes a great actor or a great politician. Sagittarius is always looking for new adventures and experiences. Still has one foot in the past to compare the experience.
A little wild and crazy, talking spontaneously and is impatient, must have life changes. Trips go to foreign countries and cultures. Money is something that is needed to use to fulfill visions.
In love, Sagittarius can have some challenges getting involved, afraid of missing some other opportunities.

As a person, you are philosophical and severe; you are seeking truth and justice for all. And does not give you until you have found a balance in it. You may also be politically interested or in cultures.

You want to know as much as possible and may, in your restlessness, travel a lot; you're looking for answers any- and everywhere. You're charged with energy; look at your target and go after it. Very extroverted, talking with everyone and about everything, and the language is not a barrier to communication; you always find a solution to understand more.

You fight to create sustainable frames simultaneously as you struggle to go outside the box. Fidgets are profound regardless of the topic and generate a fascination for most of it. You are good at taking control but worse at taking responsibility as it can tie you up, which can be a challenge for you.

You are always curious and create new events all the time; you love change and can be fanatical to get the experience.









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