Tarot and love

In each of the 78 Tarot cards, you will find different aspects of love. Each of the Minor Arcana suits and the Major Arcana expresses love in different ways. Major Arcana displays the individual's soul or inner workings and how they can develop as a person within the relationship.

The first five major Arcana cards mostly symbolize personality traits, the type of person they are; The Fool - who jumps impetuously into things without a second thought. The Magician and High Priestess - illustrate people who are more independent and not so quite easy to build relationships with. The Empress and the Emperor - indicate individuals in search of a serious relationship. The Pope is an even stronger aspect illustrating total commitment. The Lovers – has similar aspects to The Pope. The Chariot - illustrates someone who looks to themselves first and holds on to their reins.

Based on your spread of cards, you will be able to tell immediately if there is a relationship worth building. Or whether you should at least prepare that it may not turn out as you want it to. I am not saying that you should end your relationship or not enter into one you have in mind. I am saying that if you choose to join the relationship, you should do so with a clear head and with your eyes open.

No matter the cards, there are patterns in every person’s life. Most people realize this at one time or another. These patterns or experiences keep repeating until we become aware of them and change our ways or do something about them.

Breaking a pattern can be the key to a successful relationship. Some cards indicate that it's probably better not to invest in a relationship or certainly prepare something not quite right. First and foremost is all of the number five cards. The number five cards in Tarot spreads represent limitations and drawbacks.

In a Celtic Cross spread, it is perfectly ok if a five-card comes up in a position designated for a particular period, a month, a week, etc. But not when they turn up in other situations that mean something else.

The Four of Cups display discontent, as does the Eight of Cups, which shows that something makes you very dissatisfied or unhappy, perhaps not being certain about your partner’s feelings.

The Four of Pentacles is a strong indication of control. The three of Swords always indicate conflicts, arguments, or break-ups. Four of Swords represents sickness or ailment. If the Four of Swords dealt in the position of either you or your partner, you should be on the lookout for suspicious behavior or secrets that do not benefit your relationship.

The Eight of Swords indicates a lack of self-confidence. Either you consider yourself lacking in some way, or you feel trapped.

Cards nine and Ten of Swords show a feeling of emptiness, pointlessness, and despair, traits that are not good to build a relationship on.

Celtic Cross

Love in the Major Arcana the Major Arcana display important key events in encounters, situations, and relationships. It shows larger aspects of people’s development, awareness of their situations, and actions.

0/22 The Fool Indicates new spontaneous emotion, joy, and unconditional love.

1 The Magician Indicate independence and self-interest come first. You know who you are and what you like. Do not hurry. Evaluates and assess situations.

2 Priestess This indicates that you look first and foremost to your own personal needs. Enjoys the moment and do what feels most satisfying for you.

3 The Empress Indicate harmony and sharing. Unconditional love. Bonding and caring.

4 The Emperor Indicate that you feel assured. You take things for granted but in a positive way. Pauses and reflects upon what is.

5 The Pope/ Hierophant It indicates that you take emotions seriously. Makes demands and requires a response if they are to remain present.

6 The Lovers Indicates in love and feeling loved.

7 The Chariot Indicates that you're content with yourself—place value on your time. Create what appeals to you.

8 Strength It indicates that you're well-balanced and satisfied. Allows giving and take and creates development founded on your personal values.

9 The Hermit It indicates that you want to be alone. Appraises and evaluates. Maybe seeking more than you have at present.

10 Wheel of Fortune It indicates that you're open, trusting, confident, spontaneous, and living in the moment.

11 Justice Indicates that you're serious, deliberate, and honest. Requires response—all or nothing.

12 The Hanged Man Indicates that you're pulling away. Does not feel acknowledged. Restless, anxious, insecure, doubting.

13 Death It indicates that you're willing to stake everything. It is ready to go ahead and move forward, but only after having cleared out everything that is not in harmony.

14 Temperance It indicates that you love harmony and perfection—the best aspect-card for love and feeling complete belonging.

15 The Devil Indicates passion and intensity. Controlled by their urges and desires. Totally engaged.

16 The Tower Indicates in the midst of change. Releasing things that you no longer value or require so that you can create something new.

17 The Star Indicates in the midst of your experience. Outrageously happy, no matter what. Believe that anything is possible and see only opportunities.

18 The Moon It indicates that you're dreamy. Strong desire and even stronger feelings, Giving all your love entirely.

19 The Sun It indicates that you're ecstatic. Childishly optimistic and confident. Giving generously of yourself without limitations.

20 Judgment It indicates that it’s time for a pause of scrutiny and consideration. Searching for answers within yourself. Dares to venture and start over or start something new. Willing to bet everything.

21 The World Indicates perfection. At one with your senses and feelings. Totally content, secure, and harmonious.


Wands' suite is a masculine suite that displays passion, sexual enthusiasm, frustration, and male dominance, which can be used to women’s advantage. It is the suite that indicates the strongest desire. Without Wands, there will not be a lot of sex in a relationship. Wands control desire. It is quite usual for Wands to appear in a Tarot spread whenever a man is interested in a woman, not just for sex but more in the energy form of a masculine infatuation.

Wands and Cups are very similar energies. They are expressed from the feminine and masculine viewpoints. 

Love in the suite of Wands - Masculine suit
Wands represent action, creativity, impulsiveness, physical desire, passion, and sex.

Ace of Wands
It indicates a powerful attraction, an inner urge that throws caution to the wind and desires continuance.

2 of Wands
It indicates a strong ambition to develop a bond. There is an attraction, but it is usually of a sexual nature.

3 of Wands
Indicates actions on impulse with no thought to consequences.

4 of Wands
Indicates a seeking for a stronger bond. Give and take in the relationship on equal terms. I decided on what you want.

5 of Wands
This indicates that you're feeling cornered, wounded, and frustrated. This can also signify that emotions are becoming too overpowering, creating an inner conflict.

6 of Wands
It indicates that you're confident and more independent. Accepts a partner, but only if you meet on equal terms and have similar goals.

7 of Wands
It indicates that you know what you feel. Know what you want and what you want to experience. You will not give up until you have achieved your goal.

8 of Wands
Indicates seeking development in a close relationship. Builds a relationship based on both verbal and physical communication and intimacy.

9 of Wands
It indicates that your desires control you. Passionate but focused on them. You find it difficult to commit to anything else than yourself.

10 of Wands
Aware of how you feel and will not compromise those feelings. It´s all or nothing for you. You know what you want, and you want a lot.

Page of Wands
You act on your impulses and inner cravings without stopping to see what will become of them.

Knight of Wands
Indicates no hesitation at all. Know what you want and are still able to maintain your independence.

Queen of Wands
Passionate, fervent, willing, and active participant. You play “the mating game” but use a bit more caution.

King of Wands Is a passionate, fervent, willing, and active participant. As a feminine aspect of King of Wands, you are overly active and seek only to quench your desire. 


The suite of Pentacles is a feminine suit. It indicates a more practical and tactical nature, which usually comes concerning men. Men tend to take one step at a time while ensuring that they have a steady foothold that assures them of physical well-being, comfort, and security. It is much the same way that most men enter into stable relationships. In a Tarot spread, when a man displays his feelings toward a relationship using Pentacles, he is usually taking the relationship seriously. He is interested in developing the relationship further. Unless, of course, it is the Five of Pentacles, which means he feels trapped. Beware of the fact that Pentacles can also represent a need for control, which is the feminine aspect of a man.

Love in the suite of Pentacles - Feminine energy
 Pentacles indicate awareness and appreciation, growth, development, and/or stagnation. Also, they represent both the good and bad aspects of control.
Ace of Pentacles
Indicates confidence; you want to develop a bond, but on your own terms. Knows what you want.
2 of Pentacles
Indicates templating, weighing the pros and cons. You may have difficulty knowing what you want but, at the same time, find it difficult to be patient.
3 of Pentacles
Indicates that you're curious; you may want to develop something if there is a common interest.
4 of Pentacles
It indicates stability that may feel mundane or boring, and limiting. Controlled by values.
5 of Pentacles
Insecure and withdrawn. It does not turn to others or ask them to participate. Aware of their own shortcomings and look for shortcomings in other people.
6 of Pentacles
It indicates that you want to bond with others on their own terms. You know what you can achieve, and they assess things to see if there is common ground to build on. They appreciate similarities and like-minded.
7 of Pentacles
It indicates that you look to your own needs and interests. Planning and calculating. It does not give without first knowing what will be received in return.
8 of Pentacles
This indicates that you develop a strong personal relationship but most likely without any deeper sexual attachments. Values friendship foremost.
9 of Pentacles
Indicates unexpected positive gain allowing for more of what you want.
Ten of Pentacles
Contentment, security, shared values—construction of a harmonious relationship.
Page of Pentacles
You want a lot but do not dare to go the distance. Intimates and hints at things. Takes the first few steps but then backs off. Constantly assessing and re-assessing.
Knight of Pentacles
It looks to your own needs and wants. You can be a bit conventional. Expects response.
Queen of Pentacles
Feminine aspect - Confident and cunning. Wants security and contentment and gives of yourself when you have it. Otherwise, you can be critical.
 Masculine aspect - Unsure, doubting, and evasive. Avoids decisions and would rather have everything handed to you on a silver platter.
King of Pentacles
Masculine aspect – Safe and content and a bit remote, but totally focused when required.
 Feminine aspect - Tactical, planning, purposeful, and persistent.


The suite of Cups is feminine. It displays experiences and emotions from jealousy to the most romantic expressions of love. It is the suit that best demonstrates romantic “touchy-feely” expressions. It also displays women's attitudes toward love with all of their romantic dreams and notions of longing and togetherness from the first flirtation to marriage. Cups must be present in a Tarot spread if you are looking for love. If they are no Cups present, then there can only be love if there is a balance between Wands and Pentacles as well as the following two cards from the Major Arcana; “card number six -The Lovers” and “card number fourteen - Temperance.” Without Cups, the Tarot spread shows either a relationship without deeper romantic feelings or two people afraid to commit to one another or show their emotions. 

Love in the suit of Cups - Feminine suite
 Cups represent feelings ranging from endearment, unconditional love, hatred, and jealousy. It is also desired but without the more outgoing active behavior. Desire in Cups represents intimacy, but it is more the desire to touch or caress.
Ace of Cups
Indicates a romantic person who longs for reciprocated love. You have a desire for intimacy.
2 of Cups
Enjoying togetherness and belonging. Exchanges of emotion. Happy and in love. Harmonious.
3 of Cups
Unconditional love. Thrills and anticipation. Outrageously committed.
4 of Cups
Biding your time. Unsatisfied or insecure. You feel taken for granted. Lack of excitement
5 of Cups
Doubting. Feels alone, disappointed, afraid, trapped, or uncertain. Dishonest about your feelings.
6 of Cups
Content, harmonious, longs for familiarity, belonging, and togetherness. Anticipating a development.
7 of Cups
Unsure of yourself. Bewildered. Do not know what you want.
8 of Cups
Feeling misunderstood and pushed aside. Afraid to stand up for yourself and say what you want or like.
9 of Cups
Content and tranquil. You know who you are, what you want, and what you can afford. You are in total balance.
10 of Cups
Fulfillment and harmony. Satisfied and in no rush. Enjoying togetherness and belonging. Fully committed to a relationship.
Page of Cups
It indicates a romantic person, but without a purposeful goal. He has a strong inner longing but does not act on it. Too cautious. Does not cope well with conflict.
Knight of Cups
Controlled entirely by what you feel at the moment. Flirtatious and sociable. Not looking for a serious relationship.
Queen of Cups
Romantic and wistful. Dreams of true love rather than doing something about it. Profusely generous with your tenderness. Susceptible to anticipation.
King of Cups
Romantic, harmonious, and tender. Masculine aspect - Secure and content with yourself and generous with your affection. Female aspect – You have many expectations and can sometimes selfishly strive to fulfill your own needs without wanting to give anything of yourself in return. 


The suite of Swords is a masculine suit. It displays our conscious thoughts, attitudes, and sensations and what they can lead to our relationship with ourselves and others. If you are concerned about something, you are perhaps sad or despondent, the suite of Swords in a Tarot spread will display that anxiety and despair; unless it is one of the following cards; Ace of swords - shows something positive, Two of Swords - means that you can relax and cool down. Six of Swords - most likely displays a journey or a meeting with others. Seven of Swords - can show that you move in together. This is the masculine aspect of a female.

Pentacles and Swords represent primarily more about what's going on around us that we are being affected by, not so much our experiences but rather our ongoing developments. 

Love in the suite of Swords – Masculine energy
Swords display our conscious analytical thoughts and our awareness of ourselves. Swords symbolize drama, composure, and purposefulness, either in the form of focus or resistance.
Ace of Swords
It indicates that you're completely focused. Know what you want and how to get it. Confident about what you feel and how to get what you want.
2 of Swords
It indicates that you're calm. Taking things as they come. Good sense of inner security that makes everything turn out just how you expected or hoped for.
3 of Swords
Indicates refusal. Pulling away. Wants solitude or to not be in a relationship. Want your own life. Feels cornered or smothered by conflicts.
4 of Swords
It indicates that you want to be by yourself. You have lost the emotion and is unable to find it. Feels weak and dissatisfied. Hesitant and waiting.
5 of Swords
Indicates that you're stressed out, impatient, anxious, restless, and evasive. I would like to be alone and acknowledged at the same time. Can’t summon the patience to stand still.
6 of Swords
It indicates that you're balanced and harmonious. In the flow. Taking things as they come. You have an inner sense of security and are pleased with them.
7 of Swords
It indicates that you're independent, intelligent, and aware. You have a clear focus on what you want. It is perfectly willing to drop everything and throw them completely into something new.
8 of Swords
This indicates that you're constrained, doubtful, lacking in confidence, uncertain, and elusive. You demand attention but find it hard to bond with others.
9 of Swords
Indicates that you're worried, unhappy, critical, or brooding. Wants to be alone with their negative feelings and seek continual confirmation/acknowledgment that you feel correct.
10 of Swords
This indicates that you're exhausted, empty, depressed, or manic. Can’t be bothered to commit to anything. Have nothing to offer.
Page of Swords
Indicates that you express your desires, your wants, and your wishes. Put them center stage.
Knight of Swords
It indicates that you're frustrated and impatient. It finds it hard to stop and think. Wants everything no matter what toll it takes on others. Focusing entirely on your own personal gratification.
Queen of Swords
Feminine aspect - Confident and independent. Unapproachable. Inaccessible.
 Masculine aspect - Needy and uncertain.
King of Swords
Masculine aspect - Sure of yourself. Knows exactly what you want.
 Feminine aspect - Domineering and controlling. 
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