During this period, you take yourself very seriously, look at yourself in the eyes of others, and question your and their joint development. To learn more from life, about what to do, where you belong, and who fits into your life. Maybe you are a little hard on your nearest from time to time, but it may be all the requirements you place on yourself that you also want others to live up to, which can be an excellent example for you and your development.

You want things to change without starting them yourself or ensuring something happens. You can also depend on others, on larger societies, that decisions happen without your responsibility for what is happening. If you get to do one thing at a time, evaluate, then decide on what you want, then most seems to work out. But it may not always work that way, but life can push you to face resistance, the response of others that you did not want, but which also pressures you to dare to say, make decisions about what is essential.

It is good that you make contact with others very seriously, but you might create a bit of distance or increase your self-awareness to let you know where you stand firmly before making you enter the next phase of development.

You're more open to changing the focus on what you want. You are motivated to realize your dreams and happy to share your thoughts and ideas. Confident about what you want, both in work and family life.

You may feel a little lost when it comes to love, a feeling that your partner knows more about you than you might do yourself. Split thoughts most likely come from a fear of feeling left out, which can arise from daring to show more emotions and placing more demands on a more in-depth community.

You can quickly get annoyed and attack before you have fully experienced the feeling. Vulnerable but see it as a development; with some previous experiences, you can now process, release, and find new strength and security, even if it costs a little.

20st of April - 20th of May

Enjoyable, comfortable, and patient.
Element- Earth
Metal - Copper
Pos/neg - Negative
Sex - Feminine
Quality - Firm
Body part - Neck, throat
Ruler planet - Venus
Color - Pink
Crystal - Emerald
Plant - Rose, Marguerite. Violet, common ivy.
Tarot card - XXI The World.
Profession - Bank, Insurance, office, museum, hall of art. within New Age - Body Balance, Body Harmony, massage.
Keys - Patient, practical, trustworthy. Loving, caring. Self-indulgent. Stubborn and determined.
Just stop, relax, and enjoy life. Take the day as it comes, and don't take too much responsibility. Taurus is a soft person that takes everything as it happens and enjoys life and all the good stuff.
Taurus is a real-life enjoyer. You like tasty food and drinks. You love to spend time in bed and readily with someone else, but I am a little fussy about the company. Want to mingle, to be cultivated, and have power. Like to travel, to places of culture like Greece or New York to study culture.
Money is something that will amass or be invested. Isn't the one to believe in New Age at first sight, but nobody can convince the Taurus that the sixth sense doesn't exist.
You can experience as prosperous and secure but also expectant. It's easy for you to enjoy as long as it fits your ethnic needs. Kind and soft, in lack of softness that you see both in fellowship and the outer area of life.
You're down to earth, take it slow and easy, and like to handle everyday things that you put a gilt-edge for doing. You must have vanity and luxury. You value the material.
You have too much patience. You value life after what you think it's worth living by and all that appeals to you is what you take in and experience. You need security and to put a value on things, In need of material things. But you have the patience to wait until all is real and enjoy what is until then. 













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