Yearly lessons

The way to calculate the year's lessons is simple and done by your birthday numbers, such as day, month, and year (actual year). Lessons of the year follow us through life, and we can create a map to see and learn from what is essential for each year. They tend to karma with them; it’s like what you do each year will reflect on the next time you’re in that same number. A lesson of the year can give a clue to what that particular year means to you. Maybe the last time you had that lesson, you did not avoid the influence, and you will not notice anything of it this time or just a little bit to strengthen your new pattern. The lessons usually come in nine years’ periods, and if you calculate them from 0 years to about 85 years of age, you can recognize a pattern, which lesson is the most frequently that is your biggest lesson. When you have calculated the numbers, and got your lesson for the actual year, place that card in front of you, study it and think about what it will teach you for the coming year, also look to what it symbolizes to you. Write it down and use it as guidance over the year, and then you can concisely work with that aspect over the year. Here's the way to calculate your lesson. If I want to know my lesson for the year 1992 and I'm born on the 19th of December, then I will write it this way: 19 12 +1992 2023 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7 Then I know that the number 7, the card “The Chariot,” is my lesson, and I can study what it means to me. A lesson shows on the energy that controls the year, you calculate this by numerology, and then you can look at each year from your birth and ahead to see what you need most to learn. The lesson that frequently comes back is the most important, and if you start to look at the years that this lesson has activated, you can see a pattern and learn even more in the future. You can now read my interpretation of every card lesson and its unique influence. The lesson doesn’t control your life but is a key to the influences at each year.


 A year when you’re more oriented to new areas than usual, a lot of things happen and will start to act in your life, mostly by yourself. A lot of ideas and thoughts that you, most of the time, will realize. It will be a good year with many opportunities and the possibility to take a more in-depth look at your ambitions.
 A year when you are striving for balance, to see the wholeness and get clear of what your self-wish to live in a community with people who believe in the same wholeness as you. You can contact many women this year; their energy will make you draw them to you through active feminine energy. You would like to be in this community, and it will mostly be a fun experience to get the right supplement through knowledge and maybe a workshop. It is a year that will allow you to find your inner balance.
 A year that will make you get more involved with other people, you want to do so much, and it's easy for you to take responsibility, maybe even more than you are supposed to do! It’s so easy for you to get involved in most everything, so try to back off! This year you have the opportunity to create many things that will be a part of your life for many years to come and to be fulfilled. It is a year that will teach you to take a more in-depth look at your role in responsibility, and first of all, take responsibility for yourself.
 A year with severity and responsibility. This year you can be driven but calm; you look for stillness, make plans, and think before acting. You will be alert to new things and to make your planes come thru this year. It is a year first of all, with responsibility for you and others that may need support. This year will make you look deeper into your way of living and plan activities.
 A year when you will seek more education than before, and it hasn’t had to be through a school, but it’s possible that you even look for that, you will seek a complement to the knowledge that you already have. Many new events and insights will get your thoughts to act, and you will look to find a more wholeness. It is a year that will help you open your eyes to how you live your life.
 It is a year that can be a mess when it comes to relationships, and it’s not only about a partner that you probably love one moment for in the next, almost hate. You can become in conflict with your liberation and even more with all the persons, you meet in different relationships. You can tear up all memories from childhood and with your folks, siblings, and old childhood friends to clean out old behaviors that are barriers to your development. Maybe you end a lot of relationships this year, but you will also get more new relationships in your life since you are looking for new meetings and new areas. It is also a year that can develop physic abilities within you more than before. This year will teach you to love yourself for the one you are from deep inside.
 A year of emancipation, this year, you can do a lot of things that will be unexpected for your environment; just out of the blue, you will do something that can be a childhood dream or something that you have a longing to do or be. The people around you can have not so much meaning for you; you’re the center and all the things you like to accomplish. You go your way, put all your energy into the things you believe in, and succeed most of the time. This year will teach you to believe in yourself.
 A year of stubbornness, own will, and inner strength. How faithfully are you to your ideas and impulsive acts? Do you believe in yourself? This year you have to use your trust in yourself and most of all, your self-confidence. You have to believe in what you’re doing and all your actions, no matter what others may think or say. Often the people around you recognize the change and leave you alone, but you can feel a little bit lonely from time to time, and it’s not strange considering that others can be afraid when they see that you’re so sure about yourself.
 A year when you should tell the people around you that you’re probably not as social as they may expect. You feel a need to be left alone, think and wonder, read, and create within yourself. It is a year that you can read more than you usually do and question a lot over life’s mystery, and you read from novels to in-depth philosophical books that will take up most of your time. It is a year when you don’t take time for companionship but more for inner development. You seek answers to all your questions about life. It is a good year to start to meditate or develop internal growth, and this year will help you find inner peace.
It is the year with no responsibility at all! There is a go-with-the-flow in almost everything you do. This year will have the opposite of companionship to last year, a lot of people will enter your life, this year you’re outgoing and social, maybe a little too much, and perhaps you don’t always feel the connection you deep inside would like to experience. Maybe this is a year with many meetings and talks over a cup of coffee or tea. You start to make significant progress a year like this, it’s like starting over again, and maybe you will move or take another more significant step that will give you more opportunities. This year will teach you to enjoy life in its wholeness.
 It is a year of balance; you will make decisions from your earlier experience. Your companionship will be more aware than just a social moment. You have the experience of loneliness to a lot of over-socialization with new contacts. Now you can select what you want in your life. You enjoy your time, feel secure, and got a lot of things going. And you dare to make more significant decisions, to choose right and look at what you want. It is a year that will teach you to find a balance between yourself and your relations. 


Pentacles symbolize material, security, finance, education, and the balance between inner and outer elements. In the Pentacles are the balance of wholeness and rootedness and growing. Here is the economical standard and expands, which control your ground and safety. There are stability and an increase in these cards. You want an allotment on what you invested. To have more to make more. All these energies are under the name of FINANCE, which is the Pentacles keyword.
If you draw a card from the Pentacles, it shows that it is about growth. If you draw the card reversed, then it's an imbalance. Look then at the card before in the suit; if it's 3 of Pentacles reversed, look what cleared in 2 of Pentacles and why you're in the middle of them.
Ace of Pentacles: Ground
Indicates a new, more stable ground and better finances.
Indicates a loss of safety or something financially.
2 of Pentacles: Balance
Indicates a better balance of your security and more balanced values with what you got. You seek balance depending on your lack of secureness.
It indicates that you have lost something, and maybe your debts will be bigger than expected or unexpected.
3 of Pentacles: News
This indicates that new things will reside, probably a winning or minor education.
It indicates that you will lose the expected, maybe loose, and advantage.
4 of Pentacles: Order
It indicates that its stability in materials, structure, safety, and limits are created in fear of losing something.
Indicates difficulties in getting balance and control at home or on the material.
5 of Pentacles: Poverty
Indicates problems to keep material things and loss of money or position—savings from limited resources.
Indicates relief in materials and finances.
6 of Pentacles - Education
Indicates journeys for education, financial, and increased flexibility that gives new possibilities.
Indicates that you have difficulties in taking responsibility for your finances.
7 of Pentacles - Planning
Indicates that you stand in front of choices of finances. Making plans for investments.
Indicates that you have problems with investments and even creating a structure in your life.
8 of Pentacles - Interest
Indicates that you use your skills and have amazing talents in what you wish to fulfill. You can also be in new areas of education.
Indicates that you have difficulties making plans in the right direction.
9 of Pentacles - Gifts
Indicates gifts, happy surprises, and unexpected money.
Indicates undeserved money, theft, and that money that can be a delayed.
10 of Pentacles - Security
Indicates that you have security in materials and money, a more safe position.
Indicates greed even if richness exists. Money issue with family.
Page of Pentacles: Contribution
Indicates messages that money is on its way or a new structure that you can increase.
Indicates on disadvantage in messages about money.
Knight of Pentacles: Supervene
It indicates that a deal is about finances. The money will come, more than expected.
Indicates that expected money will fail to come—problems with structure and planning.
Queen of Pentacles: Serenity
Indicates a healthy community, order, and clarity. Promises will be fulfilled.
It indicates that you don't have any order; the chaos creates more worries.
King of Pentacles: Decision
It indicates an increase in richness, security, and harmony with what is.
Indicates less authority in something planned and that you lose control of earlier plans.


 Say NO. As soon as you see this year approaching you, learn to say No, because this is the lesson that this year will teach you, and as soon as you manage to say no, the easier this year will become upon you. You need to find your limits and learn not to be exposed. If you -stake out boundaries, this will be quite a calm year, but if not, you will see everyone asking for your help in small and big things, and you will not get a moment for yourself. It maybe ends with you having a breakdown of tiredness and sadness. Maybe you even lose some friends because you can end up believing that they have exploited you, but perhaps you fool yourself; it's perhaps you that haven’t been clear about your boundaries.
 This year will help you keep your limits and find your real friends. It is a year of changes, and you get the opportunity to let go of all ends and everything that doesn’t give you any advance. Maybe you’re not so willing to give it up, but it will be best for you to just let go. It is an outstanding year that will allow you to live with yourself and your opportunities and not get any limits or restrictions to any outer factories of life. This year will teach you not to limit yourself only to the material security of life.
 A year of evaluation. You start to see what you need and what you want and find a correct balance in that. You have personal safeness and inner harmony; you will secure and dare to take the opportunities that will come in front of you. You know your limits and capacity and dare to set up the limits. It is a year that will teach you to look at your inner valuations.
 A year allows you to see what you want and think more about yourself. Still, in this, you also have an examination to see if you can do the right thing from your inner beliefs and not be blinded by the outer and the material security. It is a year of more significant investments, most material but even in yourself and your self-value. This year will teach you to act with common sense and to go big for the things you believe in and yourself.
It is also a year of changes, how you live your life, what you have not accomplished, and what have you turned the outer check to; it will all be in front of you again to allow you to start all over again. It is a year that will provide you with the chance to show your power of will and determination and to see your assets and dare to go for all the things you like to create but maybe failed in before; just put together your motivation. This year will teach you to see the structure of your life.
 This year will assist you in realizing your dreams and visions. Many unexpected opportunities will enter your way, even if you didn’t think it was possible. You look ahead and want to realize your plans that can maybe be high in the sky but also from deep inside of you. This energy may get your inspiration to come forth and to dare to bet it all on yourself. A year that you can start to take yourself seriously and dare to believe more in yourself and your ideas – at least within reasonable limits. This year will teach you to find the power to live your life and believe in your own power.
 A year with strong emotions and an inner creation gives you the possibility to listen to yourself. It can be a spiritual seeking a year like that in many places/countries and within many cultures. It’s also about starting to create from your inner self and letting others find out how you are deep inside. You show how you are and what your life goal is. This is a year of acting in creation, making art, writing, painting, dancing, and just letting your inner self express itself. This year will teach you to express your inner self.
 A year to be with yourself and others in harmony and true companionship. A lot will enter your life, and you have to look at your values in life and the values you live with. It’s all about joy, relations with others, and just being yourself and going with the flow. This year will teach you to look at your surroundings and choose and decide what will be best for you in others' company.
 A year that makes a wake-up call about how you’re living and want to live. To dare to make essential decisions by yourself, what do you want, and how do you really live? It's probably a time when you have to take decisive actions and make a new way to approach life to live it as it's meant to be lived by you. This year will teach you to see what life is all about.
 A year with new perspectives on your life and your part in it. It all will be about responsibility and living standards in shared values with positive growth and new opportunities. This year will teach you to see your role in the wholeness.
 A year of crazy actions and new insights will give you so much joy. You dare to act from an inner belief, take further steps in life, and look positive in all changes, wanted or not. This year will teach you to listen to your intuition and act on it. 


Swords symbolizes the mental conflicts within the person but also with others. Events and happenings. Development. From thought to action. In the Swords are the events, all that mix-up and create our reality, our common life for good and bad. There is a mental force in these cards; you want things to move on, change, and grow—all of these energies under the name - HEALTH. And often also the word OCCURRENCE that is the Swords keywords.
If you draw a card from the Swords, it shows that something is on the move.
If you draw it reversed, then it's imbalanced, and showed on challenges, try to pull another card to get a clue how to solve it.
Ace of Swords - Actuate
Indicate on a new start on all levels: strong forces and a firm conviction.
No stamina. Resistance and bigger disappointments.
2 of Swords- Relief
Indicate that you solve troubles and problems and take the time to relax.
Indicate on troubles that have been solved in the wrong way, whitewash, and insecurity.
3 of Swords - Conflict
Indicate on conflicts with yourself and also with others. Probably a break-up or divorce. Loss.
Indicate on doubts, imbalance: a more prominent loss and grief.
4 of Swords - Tiredness
Indicate that it's time to rest, sickness. Stillness.
Indicate that you have difficulties in looking further, probably a long time illness.
5 of Swords - Stress
Indicate on cowardliness and failure: stress and worry, panic.
Indicate for short relief; you won't see the troubles; close your eyes to reality.
6 of Swords - Freedom
Indicate relief and freedom—time for travel and new adventures.
Indicate worries. Maybe journeys will be canceled or delayed.
7 of Swords -Choice
Indicate on change of home and job. Own choices need to be made—short journeys.
Indicate that you have problems moving on. Delay with journeys.
8 of Swords - Limit
Indicate that you feel left beside, sad, and alone. Lost with yourself. Performance anxiety and lousy consciousness.
Slip away from responsibility. You can't see your part in wholeness. Short relief and avoid seeing demands.
9 of Swords - Angst
Indicate anxiety, nightmares, and worrying. Depression.
Indicate small accidents and involuntary loneliness.
10 of Swords - Vanity
Indicate small accidents, despair, and losses. Tired and worn out. Empty.
Indicate a violent change or emptiness.
Page of Swords - Intense
Indicate a message that will create change and new possibilities.
Indicate that your plans will not be problems with health.
Knight of Swords - Turmoil
Indicate many incidents of good and bad, and all the time, there is no rest between.
Indicate fuss and disappointments through unexpected events—worry and accidents, uncontrolled events that will shake you up.
Queen of Swords - Awareness
Indicate with a clear mind and new solutions: planning and strong motivation.
Indicate conflicts, gossip, and false rumors.
King of Swords - Agreement
Indicate a contract that has to do with law or official documents. Deals. New security.
Indicate a deal that more destroys than gives an advantage or that will not be as promised. 
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